The HPWM Advantage

No Conflicts of Interest

We remain completely objective in advising clients because we are not hindered by the conflicts of interest inherent to many traditional brokerage firms. We do not have proprietary products. One-hundred percent of our revenues are generated from the investment and financial planning advice that we provide for clients.


Unlike many commoditized service models that are packaged and sold to clients, our core strength revolves around a smaller, highly focused, and customized consulting practice. Our investment team is intimately involved in every step of the investment process from risk determination to portfolio construction and client service.

Active Management

Rarely do we outsource capital to third-party fund managers. Preferring to research, build and manage client portfolios. Further, we do not hold investments forever, but only for the duration of the marginal utility provided for client’s investment capital. We do not simply buy and hold investments. If an investment shows signs of souring, we employ stringent downside-protection mechanisms. Capital preservation being our primary portfolio management objective.

Client Service

We are client-centric. Dedicated to providing clients with superior service unhindered by large-firm bureaucracy.

100% Employee Owned

HPWM is an independent, privately owned firm. The success of our business correlates directly with our clients’ success.


The HPWM investment team has been building individually customized portfolios since the 1980’s. We have worked on Wall Street. In San Francisco. Such breadth and depth of investment experience have allowed all clients to outperform their passive benchmark on a risk-adjusted basis over a full market cycle.

Market Knowledge

We have assembled a team of seasoned investment and financial planning professionals. We focus on preserving client capital in all market environments while constantly searching for ways to generate returns.