Investment Philosophy

We work with clients to create investment management strategies capable of achieving personalized, long-term objectives. We then execute specific tactics we believe will most effectively move clients toward their goals.

We endeavor to attain calibrated, risk-adjusted returns over market cycles, outperforming blended benchmarks while incurring less risk.

We believe that over 90 percent of portfolio returns result from the asset classes in which we invest. So, we proactively determine those asset classes we believe will be in or out of favor given current macroeconomic and geopolitical circumstances.

We believe in tactical investment management. If portfolio positions sour, we employ strict downside protection mechanisms, believing that effective investment management follows both an entrance and an exit strategy.

Sometimes, cash is king.

This enables us clients to achieve positive, risk-adjusted returns over a market cycle, outperforming blended benchmarks while incurring less risk.

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Investment Methodology

We then deploy investment capital to targeted assets classes possessing favorable economic and geopolitical characteristics, as well as complimentary degrees of correlation. We do so using individual equity and index positions. This keeps costs low. And enables us to identify investments offering positive valuation characteristics.

Our team believes in active portfolio management. Even the best investments can decline precipitously. Your fortunes need not. Accordingly, we enact strict downside protection parameters within each portfolio. This permits us to invest wisely, and to preserve capital in difficult times.

We seek to avoid the biases inherent within many investors. Actively managing portfolios per your individual goals and objectives. Paying scant attention to the masses.