Corporate Retirement Plans

Working on Your Behalf

Our approach to retirement plan consulting evolved over years of observing how plan sponsors approach the disparate functions associated with managing retirement plans. While the majority of employers take seriously their roles as fiduciaries, many lack the time, resources, or expertise to meet their responsibilities. Even those who engage third parties to help with plan oversight tend to focus on one aspect: investments. Yet, the investments are simply one area where risk exists.

Our approach to risk and performance management is holistic. We focus on all forms of plan performance. As an independent firm, we remain product agnostic. We utilize years of experience to become an extension of your human resource and finance departments. Together, we can ensure that all aspects of your retirement plan perform at the highest possible level.

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Our Process, Your Benefit

Effective retirement-plan management should be a collaboration between the plan sponsor, its service provider(s), and our firm. To be successful, we need to fully understand your objectives. This dialogue, along with a thorough analysis of the plan’s performance, allows us to create solutions for your specific needs, as well as to better prepare your employees for a more secure retirement.

Our relationship begins with a detailed assessment of your plan’s performance, the identification of areas for improvement, and the creation of a detailed project plan to close performance gaps. The thorough analysis done in year one is refreshed at least annually thereafter so that we can ensure that you establish and maintain a best-in-class retirement plan.

Our process includes:

  • Assessing your priorities and objectives
  • Collecting all plan-related documents
  • Reviewing all data to generate an overview of the plan’s performance
  • Presenting a gap analysis and determining your priority action items
  • Monitoring the implementation of the plan and measuring its impact

Finally, we endeavor to help you:

  • Create a fiduciary governance plan designed to manage the risks associated with running a corporate retirement plan.
  • Assist all participants in getting started with our goals-based, interactive financial planning resources.
  • Establish a communications plan to leverage our holistic plan consulting and benchmarking processes.

Our goal? Simple. Helping retirement plan fiduciaries and their participants to achieve peace of mind.